Pelham Seniors Advisory Comittee Survey

This is a survey that will help the Pelham Seniors Advisory Council better understand the needs of the town of Pelham's 55 plus population. This survey is centered around the importance of staying well, safe, connected and active within the community!

Please score the following categories in terms of their importance to YOU, with 1 being the LEAST important and 5 being the MOST important.

Health, Wellbeing & Education (Range of services & seminars available, clear & accessible information, coordinated & simple delivery, accessible by public transit)
Walking & Transit – Safety & Accessibility (Transit information, convenience, accessibility, safety, street lighting, unobstructed & well-lit sidewalks, crosswalks, police patrols)
Safe & Affordable Housing & Community spaces (Affordable housing in safe areas, close to services, community spaces feel safe and have sufficient clean public restrooms)
Aging in Place and Long-term Care (In-home support services available, affordable options)
Social & Civic Engagement (Variety of affordable activities offered to older adults, convenient times, information on volunteer opportunities and intergenerational activities)
Communication & Information (Information available in a coordinated and centralized place – in person, by phone, mail, email or the internet, access to computers and Internet)

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